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What Does Income Disclosure Statement Mean

Identify each source of income received and briefly describe the services provided. Indicate each source of income and any amount received from a legislative representative, as well as a description of the services provided. Donors of donations over $75 or $25 if they come from a legislative representative. Excludes family gifts. $100 food and beverage source not provided to a participant in an eligible meeting, panel, seminar or conference. Reverend Code Ann. of Ohio § 102.02. Reporting requirements for gifts do not apply if they come from an informant or relative. Must report gifts. Includes a description of the gift, the value, name and address of the donor, and the date of the donation. Fla. Stat. Ann.

§ 112.3148. Disclosure of fees: name, address and affiliation of the person paying or providing the fees; the amount of the royalty fee; the date of the paid event; a description of the expenses paid or incurred each day of the paid event; and the total value of expenses made available to the informant or procurement employee as part of the fee event. Fla. Stat. Ann. § 112.3149. Indicate: all sources of income above 5 % of gross income, with the exception of the public wage; and any source of income for a corporation greater than 10% of the gross income of that business if the applicant had a substantial interest in which he or she has a substantial interest and exceeds $1,500. OR must disclose: receive all sources of gross income over $2,500, with the exception of public wages; All sources of income of a business that exceed 10% of the gross income of that business if the applicant had a substantial interest and received more than $5,000. Fla.

Stat. Ann. § 112.3145. In the case of a loan, the statement describes the terms of the loan, such as the interest rate, the amount borrowed, the repayment schedule, fees, payment terms, collateral requirements, insurance requirements, prepayment rights (or penalties) and any other expectations of the lender and any additional obligations of the borrower. Categories for real estate investment: $2,000 – $10,000; $10,000 to $100,000; $100,000 to $1,000,000; $1,000,000 >. Callus. Government Code § 87206. Income or loan categories: $500 to $1,000; $1,000 to $10,000; $10,000 to $100,000; $100,000 >. Callus. Government Code § 87207. The date and type of business if: An owned business entity with an interest of 10% or more or an interest of $5,000 or more has done business with an agency or is subject to direct and significant regulation. All sources of professional income identified by the employer or, if self-employed, by the nature of the profession or profession and, in the case of income received from a State or local authority, by the name and address of the agency and the nature of the services provided.

All boards of directors, if a member holds management positions in a business unit, indicating the name and address of each company. RI ST § 36-14-17. Name and address of a business entity if it holds an interest of 10% or more or $5,000 or more, and must identify any person or entity that owes more than $1,000, except parents, credit card transactions or authorized financial institutions. RI ST § 36-14-17. For tax filers and immediate family: employment, employer and business. Name of any source of income over $5,000. If a licensed professional or consulting services provide, the classes of businesses and the type of services provided if they received more than $10,000. A list of all things valued at more than $200.00 that were obtained without valid consideration and in circumstances where a reasonable person would conclude that the matter was given for lobbying.

N.C Gen. Stat. Ann. § 163A-189. „The price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Warren Buffett His finger on this difference between price and value in. For applicants, spouses and minor children: Sources of private income over $1,000. For applicants and spouses: businesses for which professional services are provided. Any advance received by a company in the practice of influencing legislation. Amount and source, nominative, of any value: contributions from private sources intended for use in legislative tasks, with the exception of campaign funds. Travel expenses paid by a person who has an interest in the public policy of that State when informing or advising the member on matters of public policy.

Tenn. Code Ann. § 8-50-502. For applicants and spouses: Name and address of each business at interest rates of $10,000 or more. Name, address and description of a not-for-profit organization if it is a director or officer. If a contract is drawn for sale to a government agency of the state, either directly or through an entity owned or controlled by more than 10%, the nature of the goods or services provided and the purchasing agency must be described. Must indicate whether more than 20% of gross revenue was received from a stakeholder class. The names of all individuals except immediate family owed more than $5,000, excluding residential mortgages, student or auto loans, or other regular loans. Name of any corporation if it is a member of the board of directors, director or officer.

W. Va. Code Ann. § 6B-2-7. Disclosure is the process by which facts or information are made available to the public. Proper disclosure by companies is the act of making known to their customers, investors and all those involved in doing business with the company the relevant information. Must disclose all income earned in the previous 12 months. Callus. Gov`t Code § 87201. Income statements must include the name and address of each source of income that totals $500 > or $> $50 on a donation, and a general description of the business, if any, of each source. A description of the consideration, if any, for which the income was earned.

If it is a gift, the amount and date of receipt, destination, payment of a trip, prepayment or refund. If it is a loan, an annual interest rate, a guarantee and a term. Callus. Government Code § 87207. Income of a business unit that must be disclosed: name, address and general description of the business activity. Name of persons whose payments the Corporation has received if the share of gross revenues in a calendar year is $10,000 or >. Callus. Gov`t Code § 87207. Travel payments can be booked as gifts or deposited separately. Callus.

Government Code § 87207. A declaration of economic interests must include the name of each employer and the employer of the spouse […].